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Private Label Vintage Tonka Toy Trucks
Tonka Toys began manufacturing special trucks in conjunction with their customer for orders of specially labeled toys that represented that companies brand. The early 1950's was a popular time for Private label trucks with trucks like Hardware Hank, Stix Baer and Fuller, Meier and Frank, Jewel Tea and so many more. These trucks were produced in limited numbers and have become very popular with collectors today. Some collectors have specialized in collecting only Private Label trucks. One of my favorites is the United Van Lines Track and trailer. The detail of this truck made the painting and labeling process much more complicated than other models of toys produced during the same time period.

1956 Tonka Toys Prototype Kroger Private Label Semi and Trailer

1953 Meier and Frank Private Label Tonka Toys Semi Truck and Trailer
1954 G Fox and Co. Metro Van 1956 Kroger Semi and Trailer 1957 United Van Lines Semi 1953 Meier and Frank Semi
Rare Tonka Toys 1954 Private Label Hardware Hank Box Van
1954 Stix Baer Fuller Metro Van 1960 Standard Oil Tanker Semi 1955 Jewel Tea Semi and Trailer

1954 Hardware Hank Box Van

1961 Bruce Terminix Service Truck 1960 Flavor Kist Semi
 1953 Our Own Hardware Semi
1953 Green Giant Utility Hauler Truck
  1954 Tonka Toys RCD Fast Freight Private Label Semi  
1953 G. Fox Semi Truck 1954 RCD Fast Freight Semi
64 Troop Carrier Cross Country 58 Gambles
1964 Terminix Covered Pickup 1955 Cross Country Semi 1958 Gambles Pickup 02  1959 Red Owl Semi
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