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How Can I sell My Vintage Tonka Toy Trucks?
1953 Ace Hardware Private Label Semi Truck and Trailer
I am always asked this question, and honestly, I am happy and eager to buy any Tonka Toy trucks that are in the condition I have shown on my website. All of the trucks shown on my website are Original truck and not restored with the exception of the trucks shown on the restoration stories page.  Boxed sets can bring over 1000.00, Just email me photos of your Tonka Toys and I am happy to provide a quick response. I do not buy rusty toys or Trucks Newer than 1970 or so. The truck shown above is a Vintage Tonka Truck AND it is a Private Label Truck. That and the condition it is in makes a pretty valuable truck. A Valuable truck is in the range of 500-800, most Tonka Toys are not this valuable. Mint trucks with the boxes will bring the highest value as they are the hardest to find.


Here is a collection of ways you can sell your toys and some thoughts around each method:

  • eBay - A very viable method of selling your trucks, This does require presenting the toys at their best, meaning cleaning and polishing. Be careful though, it is easy to damage and lower the value of these toys with improper cleaning. Also good photography is needed, and you can expect to pay 12-15% of the final price for eBay and PayPal fees. Meaning a truck that sells for 300 would bring you 255 after fees. This also requires packing and Shipping the items to your winning bidder.

  • Craigslist - In my opinion, this is a good site to buy from, but most buyers on Craigslist expect to get a "deal" on the items they buy and most are looking to resell at a profit. You also have to deal with the uncertainties of meeting strangers or having them come to your house. The benefit is not having to pack and ship and there are no selling fees associated with the transaction.

  • Garage sale - Not unlike craigslist buyers, people out buying at garage sales are looking for a bargain and will not come close to the real value of good older Tonka toy trucks. I am often contacted by people putting on garage sales to ask what their toys are worth, when I tell them they are surprised and were going to sell them for a fraction of what I offered.

  • And Of Course, sell to me - If you can email me photos, I can let you know what your vintage Tonka toy truck would be worth to me. And in many cases, I will be adding your toys to my online Vintage Tonka Toy Museum. Simply email me with a few photos attached and I will respond right away.
    If we agree on selling your toy or set I will ask you to carefully pack them to ensure they arrive safely to me. I have instructions on how to pack that I will forward to you after we agree on the sale. The whole process is quick and easy. And your vintage Tonka toy trucks can live online for others to see and enjoy!
What are my Vintage Tonka Toy Trucks Worth?

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Do you have Tonka Toys to sell? Please Contact me at Micah@tonkatoys.com